This group is being formed as a place for like minded sharers of music.

We care what we put into our bodies for a host of reasons which are very personal.

When you hear the statistics of the number of people who eat fast, processed or other industrially created food, what is your reaction?  There are those who think our concern is nothing more than elitist snobbery.  For them, nuanced conversation will be predictably challenging,

I celebrate both Alice Waters and Anthony Bourdain.  In spite of the huge difference between them, they both care deeply  about our connection to one another and food.  Both work tirelessly to spread their message simply because they have to.

People who choose local, organic, sustainable foods are doing it for any number of reasons.  While nutritionists may debate the actual measured food value differences, most would agree that choosing these products is better for the planet and benefits us all.

I have the same deep core belief about connecting people through and to music. That is the whole reason I do what I do.

We know that listening to music activates more parts of the brain than virtually any other activity.  This builds a healthier neural network and makes us feel better.  It can slow the effects of aging helps with cognition, empathy and problem solving.  We also know, that when music is filtered by losses in the recording and playback chain, the brian activity and potential good is drastically reduced.

Another factor which is real is that we are human.  We generally prefer better tools and nicer things.  If we buy a better camera, we are not better photographers, but many of us will approach taking pictures differently and yield more pleasure from the hobby.  The same can be said for cooking and kitchen equipment as well as tools for many other pursuits.  No sensible argument could be made that a beautiful stove makes a boiled egg come out any differently.  But, if owning that better stove made one choose ingredients and their preparation more critically, whom could argue the benefit?

Choosing to have your music playback system to be carefully crafted by a local specialist who uses equipment from like minded small suppliers is no different.  With the notable exception that it is actually better for us directly owing to less loss of critical aspects of music.  We get both the real benefit plus the pleasure of using something which is excellent and lasting.


I hope to unite a few very special people in the local community by hosting music evenings where we can share our very personal discoveries with anyone interested and willing to come spend time with us.